DemeTerre was founded in 2017 by three French and one Lebanese. We are developing our projects with a Mediterranean vision between European Union and Arab world. Peacebuilding is our  mission.

DemeTerre is a non-profit organization. We are independent from political, economic and religious lobbies.  Our name is derived from Greek goddess Demeter. Despite her senior position in the hierarchy of gods she did not waste her time on Mount Olympus arguing with her brothers and sisters. She was working with humanity to help us.

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Daniel Muller

Daniel is co-founder of DemeTerre and member of the Board.

Daniel has sailed for many years as French navy soldier. He is now working as project manager and quality consultant in the IT sector for French multinationals. Daniel has remained a team player and he is concerned about helping others using modern social media technology such as the Italian Social Street initiative or the French Smiile project.

He's the father of two primary school kids and he's tried to convince the mayor of his city to pair their classes with classes in other countries. But the city administration wasn't interested. So, Daniel has decided to do it by participating in the demeter school project. He became passionate about it and developed the pedagogical concept.


Daniel is also showing his artistic taste as webmaster of the different internet sites. And he likes people creating something together.


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Wilfried Bartsch

Wilfried is co-founder of DemeTerre and member of the Board.

Wilfried has worked as financial controller and financial manager for several companies in France, Holland and the Czech Republic. He decided to move to non-profit organisations in 2008 in Austria and he became director of a boarding school for children with special needs. At that time he's enjoyed reinventing Austrian traditional clothing by creating his own jackets.

Wilfried has come back to France, trying to find a project that would make sense to him. He's finally decided to set up a small consulting company and DemeTerre. Wilfried believes that our next frontier will be fighting for cohesion at national level and for peace at international level.


When Demeter school got stopped, Wilfried decided to launch a new concept: Peace orbs. He's designed the first orbs and he's coordinating the artists (Ishtar blue project). Wilfried is  also in charge of the administration of the association.


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