Our world is changing every day. We must adapt all the time. This is stressful both as an individual and collectively. Let's look at it the other way around: It also means that we have the opportunity to create a new civilization. 

This new civilization is partly global. It is the first time in our history that humanity has to find universal solutions instead of ethnical, local or national solutions. So, let's work together. Let's create a peaceful world. 

DemeTerre has been founded by three French and one Lebanese. We are developing our projects with a Mediterranean vision between European Union and Arab world.

How can we educate our children as we don't know the world they will be living in? Empowerment is one possible answer. DemeTerre wanted to help the new generations to become actors of their lives and citizens of the world to come.

This is what some teachers already do. They let their pupils create documents or videos that become part of the lessons. Our Demeter school project aimed to promote the creation of such pedagogical resources by hosting and sharing them through a dedicated internet platform.


We have developed two ready-to-use examples for teachers, one about the palace of Versailles and one about the Roman Empire. We then decided to put our EdTech project aside for a while. We will start again when/if we can build the right team and fund the project.

Orbes de Paix 1597x1495.png

An artistic idea arose in 2018 during our education project : reinvent a symbol from the past, imagine and create a Peace orb. Demeter's orb was so beautiful that we decided to develop the concept. It has since become our main activity.

DemeTerre's work with artists to create the Peace orbs is the first part of the project. The second part would be an exhibition to accompany in an artistic and peacebuilding way the 2022 football World Cup. The exhibition could start from Paris and end in Doha after visiting several Middle East museums.

DemeTerre is a non-profit organization.

We are independent from political, economic and religious lobbies.

Our name is derived from Greek goddess Demeter.

Despite her senior position in the hierarchy of gods she did not waste her time on Mount Olympus arguing with her brothers and sisters. She was working with humanity to help us.

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