Can swords be an arab Peace symbol?

Peacebuilding means meeting each other, the way we are, and accepting each other's culture. We have chosen the orbs from European history. We should take antoher symbol from Arab culture. Could we use swords? Qatar's emblem has two swords and the Saoudi Arabian flag one.

Is it possible to change a weapon into a Peace object? Yes. It is already the case. Gulf countries have changed the use of their swords into something artistic, a traditional dance to celebrate weddings. This evolution may remember us of Ishtar who was the Babylonian goddess of war and love.


Peace swords follow the same characteristics as Peace orbs: They are made of two materials and produced by two artists or craftsmen from two different countries. The concept will be validated by designing the first two swords.

Lancelot's sword

The first Peace sculpture that got realized by Kevin in California in 2018 had been put aside as it it did not match with Demeter's wallnut Earthball. A new idea arose 18 months later: The crystal sculpture could serve as a grip for the first Peace sword, Lancelot's sword.

Lancelot items being made mainly of wood, it was necessary to find an artist who would create a wooden blade.  Yann does create wooden swords near Paris. So, it was possible to meet physically in March 2020, two days before the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Yann was initially wondering how to fix the cristal part with the wooden part. He was hesitating a bit before taking the order. But once he saw the crystal part in reality he decided to work on it the same day.  And he got the idea to extend the wooden part along Kevin's sculpture to protect it. In the end, thanks to this idea, both parts are fixed without adding any glue!


Is FIFA's trophy a Peace symbol?

Today's FIFA trophy dates back in 1974. Silvio Gazzaniga's proposal was chosen among 53 proposals from 7 different countries. The trophy is made of 18 carat gold with 2 bands of malachite on its base. It shows one sportsman and one sportswoman holding up Earth.

What about the FIFA trophy being a Peace orb? It was made by one single artist, but otherwise the characteristics are quite close. DemeTerre will ask some artists of different conflicting countries to realize similar trophies. 


If the concept gets validated, the sculptures will be added to our collection to serve Peace during the world football Cup in Doha in 2022.