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What is a Peace orb? Orbs were (golden) globes with a (golden) cross on top of them. They appeared at the End of the (Western) Roman empire when it became Christian. They used to symbolize the authority of Christ upon universe. Some European kings and emperors had one in order to show that their authority derived from God.

There still is one European monarchy that believes its authority derives from God, that is… the British monarchy. Look at the picture of the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2nd, 1953. She was wearing the traditional British crown and holding the traditional sceptre and orb in her hands. Don't even consider the possibility for the next British King (William?) of doing it differently.

Orbs in other European countries have disappeared from politics. You will find them in museums. The most famous of them is the orb of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation that you can see in the Hofburg in Vienna. 

In 2013 Disney produced frozen, an animated movie featuring the coronation of Princess Elsa. The priest gives her a golden crown, a golden sceptre and a golden orb during the ceremony. Folks, this is not very imaginative. But it proves that the orb has not yet disappeared from our (Western) imagination.

Can we find something more original? Can we find something else to be done with orbs? "I have a dream", let's forget about the Christian part, let's create universal orbs that would symbolize our will to serve our Planet. Let's "make our Planet peaceful". And if you feel like creating yours, "just do it", so that we get one day a world collection of Peace orbs.

Demeterre's practical vision is the following:

> Connect at least 2 artists from 2 different countries

> Combine one Earth globe and one Peace element (dove, heart, flower, children...)

> Add one air / heaven element if it is not already represented (bird, insect, star, ...).

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Demeter's Peace Orb

Demeter's orb is the initial Peace orb. It has been designed for Demeter school. The two parts that were originally imagined - a walnut globe and a crystal dove and heart - did not really fit together. So the orb was put aside. 


A new idea came up after 9 months: Forget the crystal heart and the peace dove and order a wooden humming bird with a flower.

The globe was realised in France by Jean-Joseph. He is a wood carver since 1974 working in Loire valley. According to him "the power of creation requires the mastery of technique".


The humming bird and the flower were created in Indonesia. Yudi wants to carry on with Bali's sculpture traditions. The flower was made of benalu that was not used in sculptures but only as firewood. He saw the enormous potential in this wood because of its unique and fascinating shapes: "no two pieces are ever identical".

The harmony of the final sculpture can be seen on the picture. However, there is something you can't see, that's the energy spreading from the Peace orb: Joy.

Wilfried's Peace Orb

This personal sculpture was not supposed to become an orb. Wilfried wanted something related with heart energy.  But as it got made of olive wood, it suddenly became evident that it was a Peace orb.

Traditionally the globe is supporting the other symbol e.g. Earth is supporting Peace. In this case it is the other way round: 3 hearts symbolyzing Peace are supporting our planet. This positive energy allows a thriving life symbolized by two butterflies.

The wooden sculpture was carved by Croatian artist Ivan. His "work is based on the spiritual expression of love, warmth and strength". It gets expressed especially in olive wood because of beautiful lines and color warmth. His "heart has the desire to express and make more sculptures designs that will give impulse to love, humanity, family and nature".

The butterflies are made of crystal. They were hand blown by Californian artist Kevin who used to work as a Disneyland glassblower for a decade. They were added to the olive sculpture when it became a Peace orb.

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Nativity Peace Orb

Onuris, an ancient Egyptian art shop in Cairo, was selling a cute leather "Nativity camel" belonging to some wise man. This led to the idea of a camel bringing Earth as a gift. 

The globe has been realized by Zuzia in Cracow. She creates needle felted art and solar system mobiles for children.

A third country got involved in the realization of the Peace orb. Olga and Abo in Corruna made the aerial element, a star, and the Peace element, a heart. EmCouros is their machine free slow workshop. They use zero kilometre materials, vegetable tanned and first quality leather. All their tools are manual.


Three wisemen have come from three continents and three artists have realized the Nativity Peace orb.

Mika's Peace Orb

Nataliia in Kiev (Ukraine) and Ivan in Grenoble (France) combined their wool and ceramic art to create Mika's Peace orb.

Mika is 3 years old. He's Nataliia's second son. When his mother finished the Peace dove, Mika did not want to let it go. He danced and sang with it. So we believe that the final result is his Peace orb.

It took quite a lot of time to realize this orb: We first lost 2 months because of a strike at the French postal services. We then had to do a second Peace dove with a bigger heart, as the first one was too small for Ivan's "Earth bank" (Earth like piggy bank).

This piggy bank does not collect any money. It collects Peace.

Orbe de Mika.JPG

Children of Earth / Jerusalem's Peace orb

Claire and Wilfried have been discussing for a month before Claire created "Children of Earth", a ceramic sculpture that would hold our Planet.


The next question was: how should our Planet look like ? Some artists use metalic "mesh" to create sculptures in Israel. Wilfried asked three of them wether they could realize a mesh ball. The third one, Lior, agreed to take up the challenge. And he succeeded.

But the parcel carrier lost Claire's sculpture. So, Lior's mesh globe needed to be used for a different Peace orb. The new idea is to get something done in olive wood by a Palestinian artist. It would become Jerusalem's Peace orb.

Bagdad's Peace Orb


Wilfried had liked one of Erfan's wire sculptures on the internet. Erfan contacted Wilfried and asked him if he could participate in the project. As Erfan is Iranian, Wilfried asked him if he would agree to work with an American: Yes.

Wilfried found an American artist willing to work with Erfan and to deliver the Earth ball. Once the agreement had been found (on January 3rd 2020) Wilfried turned on the news: Iranian general Ghassem Soleimani had just been killed in an American drone attack in Bagdad. So, it would become Bagdad's Peace orb.

John's part got realized a month later but it arrived rapidly in Paris. It was the contrary with Erfan's part: He did it very quickly, but it took four months to get from Istanbul to Paris!